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Wolfsburg vs Bayern München
Wolfsburg vs Bayern München
The most likely scenario for this game is the existence of goals in both goals. Looking at the two teams, we think Bayern Munich is a more organized team and for this reason we would expect it to dominate and have more chances to score. On the other hand, Wolfsburg is going through a positive moment in the championship and in addition to this it presents a very interesting attack. In this way, we expect the two clubs to play attacking from the opening whistle, making risking in favor of goals a good option.
Chelsea vs Man City
Chelsea vs Man City
The Odds of the match envision a favoritism for the Manchester City side, and we agree with that. The away team has players of great technical and tactical quality, is going through a fantastic time of the season, and it is expected that it dominates and holds the best opportunities to score goals. From Chelsea we expect a very daring team in the field, trying its best to reach the goals. Taking into account these factors, risking in favor of goals for both sides is a good option.
FA Cup
Nassr vs Sadd
Nassr vs Sadd
AFC Champions League

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Primeira Liga

Farense x Sporting CP
  • Farense
  • x
  • Sporting CP

16.04.2021 - 23h00

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Match Odds 84   Place your bet
Home 2%
The Draw 11%
Away 87%
Over/Under 2.5 Goals 20   Place your bet
Over 2.5 Goals 70%
Under 2.5 Goals 30%
+ 7 markets 52  

Premier League

Everton x Tottenham Hotspur
  • Everton
  • x
  • Tottenham Hotspur

16.04.2021 - 22h00

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Match Odds 61   Place your bet
Home 12%
The Draw 22%
Away 66%
Over/Under 2.5 Goals 30   Place your bet
Over 2.5 Goals 100%
Under 2.5 Goals 0%
+ 5 markets 92  

Segunda División

Girona x Real Zaragoza
  • Girona
  • x
  • Real Zaragoza

16.04.2021 - 22h00

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Match Odds 17   Place your bet
Home 85%
The Draw 12%
Away 3%
Over/Under 2.5 Goals 4   Place your bet
Over 2.5 Goals 75%
Under 2.5 Goals 25%
+ 5 markets 15  

Premier League

Arsenal x Fulham
  • Arsenal
  • x
  • Fulham

18.04.2021 - 15h30

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Match Odds 5   Place your bet
Home 100%
The Draw 0%
Away 0%
+ 1 market 2  

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