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Definitions for: T

Technical Analysis

A method of forecasting future of a certain event based on analysis of past behaviour of the same event. Often used at Trading on betting exchanges forecasting the odds movement based on movements in the past.


Minimum variation than an Odd can have.
In Betfair that variation is not constant, it is smaller for lower odds and bigger for higher odds:
From 1.01 to 2 each tick is 0.01 Odd,
From 2 to 3 each tick is 0.02 Odd,
From 3 to 4 each tick is 0.05 Odd,
From 4 to 6 each tick is 0.10 Odd,
From 6 to 10 each tick is 0.20 Odd,
From 10 to 20 each tick is 0.50 Odd,
From 20 to 30 each tick is 1.00 Odd,
From 30 to 50 each tick is 2.00 Odd,
From 50 to 100 each tick is 5.00 Odd,
From 100 to 1000 each tick is 10.00 Odd.
See: Trading, Scalping.


Synonims: Pick.
A Tip is a Bet prediction for a certain sports event given without explanation or given with a small explanation. Tips are bets that are likely to win.


A person who recommend Tips.


Person who does Trading.


Trading is the activity of buying and selling bets at different odds in a certain selection of a certain Market.
Trading bets allows traders to win money with the Drift and with the Steam of the odds.
To profit with the Drift of the odds, a Trader has to first Lay a Bet at a lower Odd and then Back a Bet at a higher Odd. Or otherwise, to profit with the Steam of the odds, a Trader has to first Back a Bet at a higher Odd and then Lay a Bet at a lower Odd.
The profits or losses from a Trade are calculated right after it’s done the second Bet, closing that Trade.
See: Bet Exchange.