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Definitions for: R


An evaluation of a teams’ power in terms of their internal and external factors so to estimate expected outcome of the match (or other betting markets), based on relative ratings of the teams involved in match.
Example of teams’ internal factors: recent form, motivation, available players and their fatigue, etc.
Example of teams’ external factors: weather conditions, distance the visiting team has to travel, motivation of the home crowd, etc.

Return on Investment

Synonims: ROI, Yield.
A measurement of efficiency of series of bets, expressed in percentage.
ROI = Sum of returns from all bets / Sum of stakes of all bets
Higher the ROI, bigger the profitability of betting. ROI below 100% indicates loss.

Yield basically has the same meaning, so these two terms are usually interchanged. Yield is displayed slightly different, as the profit on investment:
Yield = Sum of profits from all bets / Sum of stakes of all bets

Obviously, ROI - Yield = 100%.
Example: ROI of 112% corresponds to Yield of 12%, and ROI of 97% corresponds to Yield of -3%.
See: Strike Rate.

Returned Bet

Synonims: Void bet.


Synonims: Return on Investment, Yield.