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Definitions for: D


An event where two or more runners are tied up for winning. Most frequently refers to horse racing and in football is present in markets like top scorer; payout in this case depends on Bookmaker’s rules, and means lower odds than odds in original Bet.

Decimal odds

The odds expressed as a decimal number. With this type of odds, Stake is included in the overall Price, so product of odds and stakes represents return (original Stake plus winnings).
Example: with decimal odds of 2.50 and Stake of 10 units, if Bet has won, return is 25 units, which includes 10 units of original Stake and 15 units of winnings.
See: Odds.


Synonims: Draw No Bet.


Synonims: Outsider, Underdog.

Draw No Bet

Synonims: DNB.
Draw-no-Bet is a type of Bet where the draw returns your Stake. This is the same Bet in Asian Handicap (0).


Increase of odds. Selection whose odds increase is called Drifter, and is said to be drifting or on the Drift.
Opposite: Steam.


Place Back bets in several selections of the same Market, distributing an overall Stake according to the Odd of each selection, thus obtaining equal profit if any of those selections wins.
See: Bookmaking.