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Bet Academy course

How to access?

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Win Academy points to gradually unlock the more advanced levels!

The course videos are gradually unlocked.
  • when you get 100 Academy points you will unlock the 1st course video;
  • when you get 105 Academy points you will unlock the 2nd course video;
  • when you get 110 Academy points you will unlock the 3d course video;
  • and so on.
When you unlock all level 1 videos you gain access to the level 1 final test. The more questions you get right on the test, the more academy points you will win, so pay attention!


Preparing a match: calculate the fair odd  (01:55)
Preparing a match: statistical vs qualitative analysis  (04:41)
Example Atlético vs Real: walkthrough the match analysis  (08:22)
Example Atlético vs Real: ponder, calculate the fair odd, bet  (03:38)
Preparing a match: positive EV with only one type of analysis  (02:09)
Advanced statistics  (03:45)
Home matches  (01:56)
Multiple bet: explanation  (02:17)
Multiple bet: good or bad?  (02:10)
What is handicap betting?  (01:11)
European Handicap  (02:49)
Asian Handicap  (03:04)
My first trade  (02:05)
Simple betting vs trading  (03:38)
Odds movement: how to predict the variation of the odd  (04:05)
Odds movement: special cases  (03:16)
Lay draw technique  (03:26)
Emotional control errors  (05:16)
End of level 2 test
End of level 4 test

Course contents

Level 3 videos (03:27 total)

Level 13 videos (33:48 total)

Level 18 videos (59:43 total)

Level 15 videos (46:30 total)

Level 5 videos (25:50 total)

Soccer Matches

Choose day competitions










+5 blocked competitions




C Hour Home   Away  
22:45 Netherlands vs Estonia
22:45 Germany vs North Ireland
22:45 Latvia vs Austria
22:45 Belgium vs Cyprus
16:30 Brazil vs Korea Rep
01:30 Vasco 0-0 Goiás
02:00 Cruzeiro vs Avaí
22:45 Wales vs Hungary
22:45 Slovakia vs Azerbaijan
22:45 Poland vs Slovenia
22:45 Macedonia vs Israel
22:45 San Marino vs Russia
22:45 Scotland vs Kazakhstan
12:00 Nepal vs Kuwait
13:30 Myanmar vs Mongolia
14:00 Maldives vs Guam
14:00 Turkmenistan vs Sri Lanka
15:00 Hong Kong vs Cambodia
15:00 Uzbekistan vs Palestine
15:45 Malaysia vs Indonesia
16:00 Vietnam vs Thailand
17:00 Syria vs Philippines
17:00 Iraq vs Bahrain
17:00 Afghanistan vs Qatar
17:00 Kyrgyzstan vs Tajikistan
18:00 Yemen vs Singapore
18:00 Oman vs India
19:00 Jordan vs Chinese Taipeh
20:00 Lebanon vs Korea DPR
19:30 Saudi Arabia vs Paraguay
20:00 Montenegro vs Belarus
20:00 Croatia vs Georgia
21:00 Morocco vs Guinea
21:00 Morocco A' vs Guinea A'