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Baccarat historical facts

Baccarat historical facts
Emergence and evolution of Baccarat throughout history.
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Baccarat is a casino game that has the admiration of thousands of players across the planet. Although Blackjack and Poker are the world's preferred card games, Baccarat has its prominent place in physical and online casinos, moving a high volume of daily bets. Thus, today we bring a little of the history of this game, from its emergence to its evolution, passing through many curious and intriguing reports, involving soldiers, princes, high court and even… James Bond!

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If you like to play Baccarat or will look for more information after reading this article, thank Felix Falguiere. He was the first to officially stipulate some rules that helped Baccarat develop into the game it is today. This fact happened in Italy, in the 15th century, but like other games, it is China, France and Ancient Rome that are recognized for giving roots to Baccarat, through similar games that have evolved and undergone adjustments over time.

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It was French soldiers who took the game to the country, after the war in Italy, and soon fell in the favor of the French elite. The nobility developed their own version, called Baccarat Banque, which today is considered a variation of the classical features and rules used. It didn't take long for casinos and gambling establishments across the country to have Baccarat, until Luís Filipe I banned the operation of these places, around 1840.
After that, the game had its development slowed down, but little by little it was spreading across Europe, until arriving in the United Kingdom, where the game won plenty of controversy. After being accused of cheating, Lieutenant Colonel William Gordon-Cumming filed a libel suit, which had others involved, including the prince. One of them was Edward VII, Prince of Wales and who would become king, being the first heir to have to appear in a court of law at the time. This gave great national repercussion, consequently arousing great interest from the general population in Baccarat.
In the US, Baccarat was not immediately accepted, and even though it was cited in an article in the New York Times in 1870, it was only in the following century that it gained greater fame, after being present at the Casino Royale, the first novel starring the legendary James Bond, in 1953. The explosion of the bestseller made Las Vegas casinos create unique tables to play Baccarat. Initially, the game gained glamor status, being offered in special casino locations, highly luxurious, and with very high minimum stakes.
Currently, the game continues to gain space and popularity in casinos, greatly driven by online platforms. The game has developed and today there are varieties of Baccarat games, which can be easily found on bookmakers' websites all over the world, generating the attention of thousands of people daily. In Asia, there are some countries that lead the amount of money betting on Baccarat in land-based casinos, even more than in Las Vegas. The greatest example is Macau, a city considered to be the center of Baccarat in the world, where the gaming profit is equivalent to almost 90% of the total profit of the casinos. Impressive!
Just as there are famous Poker and Blackjack tournaments, Baccarat offers big prize-pool competitions, attracting the attention of many professional players. Among the tournaments, we can mention: Baccarat Tournament of Champions, Royal Dragon, World Series of Baccarat, which paid the winners amounts from 13 million dollars up to an incredible 440 million dollars. Who took this last jackpot was the German Ole Schemion, professional poker player.

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