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TiMi makes $ 10 billion with CoD Mobile

TiMi makes $ 10 billion with CoD Mobile
Closing 2020 resulted in TiMi earning $ 10 billion with CoD Mobile.
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Belonging to Tencent, the TiMi studio earned $ 10 billion with CoD Mobile at the end of 2020. The mobile game of Call of Duty, which was launched in 2019, managed to earn, in 2020 alone, the amount of 10 billion dollars over the course of the year. TiMi Studio is directly responsible for CoD Mobile, as well as the MOBA Honor of Kings. Both games have become a hit within the smartphone environment.

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The disclosure was made through Reuters, which placed the TiMi studio as the most renowned company in game development around the world. In this way, even belonging to Tencent, the TiMi studio managed to generate its prestige, even though it was linked to another developer. It is worth mentioning that the Call of Duty, which is managed and developed by Activision Blizzard, raised an amount of 8 billion dollars in 2020, within the formal consoles. Thus, Call of Duty: Mobile managed to raise more than its formal version for video games.

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Currently, CoD Mobile has exceeded the 100 million download margin just in its first week of release in 2019. After that, the game has become one of the biggest names in FPS Mobile. However, the TiMi studio has also achieved recognition through MOBA, Honor of Kings, which, in China alone, has reached more than 100 million users.
Meanwhile, Tencent, which owns rights to the TiMi studio, also holds investments in other developers, such as: Epic Games, Activision Blizzard, Garena and Riot Games. Therefore, Tencent is one of the main responsible for investments within the eSports market.
In addition to having won a large sum in the year 2020, Call of Duty: Mobile also featured a major world championship. The Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2020, had a prize pool of $ 750,000 and seven teams in contention. The teams nominated for the Championship secured their positions as champions, as they all had to secure their places from other championships. The clubs that participated in the Championship were: Tribe Gaming, INFLUENCE RAGE, Kings Clan, Team Mayhem, REJECT and NRX Jeremiah 29:11. All teams received a sum of 107 thousand dollars for having managed to guarantee their victories in their respective championships.


Another extremely relevant mobile in the eSports environment is Free Fire. The mobile FPS developed by Garena, also reached a high revenue value in the year 2020, having guaranteed US $ 3.5 billion. The amount disclosed refers to the revenue of the entire Garena, however, the highlight was Free Fire, which is one of the most downloaded games in the world.
Despite the Free Fire distancing itself a little from CoD Mobile, Garena's FPS is an absolute success in Latin America and Southeast Asia. Last season of Free Fire earned the game 72 million hours watched on YouTube alone. In addition, the Free Fire competitive landscape featured three official events, which made it onto the list of the five most watched tournaments of 2020.
Thus, the year 2020 gave Free Fire the feat of overtaking 610 million players. For 2021, Garena is designing several championships for the game, including them within the Free Fire World Series.

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